Just as your cars tires need to be properly aligned, so does your dryer. Nearly all mechanical dryer problems are caused by trunnion misalignment:


 Bearing failures

 Thrust roller damage

 Trunnion & tire wear

 Tire pad and keeper wear

 High amperage

 Chain & sprocket wear


 Tire Failure


 Metal Flaking

 Runs hard against Thrust Roller(s)

 Unit does not float between Thrust Rollers

 High Motor Amperages

 Timing Marks or Washboarding

 Trunnion edge cracking

 Trunnion Thumping and Vibrations


Whether your equipment is driven by gear, chain, belts, friction, or a combination of such, alignment of these components is critical to performance and longevity of the equipment. Evans and Daniels specializes in drive analysis and alignment correction. Signs of misalignment are:

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Evans & Daniels uses precision laser and sighting techniques to restore your unit to proper alignment settings.


Improper adjustment, frame problems, inadequate bolting, loaded-starts, over-loading, design flaws, and human error are among the most common reasons that trunnions lack or lose proper alignment. More often than not, proper alignment requires more than just skewing of trunnions.