Established in 1987, Evans & Daniels Inc is an independent service company based out of Northeast Pennsylvania.  We specialize in rotary equipment, such as dryers, kilns, trommels, ball mills, rod mills, agglometers, screens, etc.


Our objective is to maximize your present equipment for operation to increase productivity, decrease downtime, reduce energy costs, and restore your rotary equipment to “like new” running condition.  Our services extend the life your equipment and optimize it’s efficiency.


Our specialty services include resurfacing (grinding) tires and trunnions and alignment of trunnion assemblies and drive components.  We also provide inspections of all mechanical components and consulting to oversee work done by client staff or contractors.  Preventive maintenance programs and functional model dryers for staff training of alignment concepts are also available.


William J Evans

His affinity for machinery began early while serving in the United States Navy as a machinist.  Over the years, he was affiliated with Fuller Co, Vulcan Ironworks, and Kraemer & Co, where he served in many capacities, including field service supervisor.  His expertise and foresight took him to locations around the world and all over the USA.  The legacy of his ideas, knowledge, and innovation stands as a tribute to an industry that he loved and respected.

214 Henderson St

Plymouth PA  18651


Evans & Daniels Inc was established in 1987 by its founder and CEO, William J Evans.  Forty years in the field of rotary kilns and dryers gave credence to his reputation as an industry expert.  His engineering skills and natural abilities were instrumental in the building of specialized equipment that has been modified and improved over the years.  His innovative ideas and creative thinking enabled his company to grow and provide its customers with dependable and quality service…which continues today! 


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